Always set timelines and expectations

Meeting someone who can genuinely and sincerely love you is not easy these days. Dating for many people has increasingly become quite a challenge due to the fact that many of us seem to keep settling for the wrong individuals.

For those who have been lucky to get true love, it is important to cultivate your relationship and ensure that it is on a growth curve. It really doesn't matter whether you met your partner on a dating site or not, dating is a phase that both you and your partner need to dedicate an invaluable amount of time to knowing each other better.

A relationship which is serious and destined for greater heights needs to operate on a certain timeline. You have successfully signed up with a dating service and even found the love of your life, what next? It's important for you and your partner to sit down and clearly agree on the direction you want your relationship to go.

A relationship that has no set goals, objectives or even timelines may be timewasting and eventually lead nowhere. As partners you need to think ahead and make your expectations or desires known to your partner so that you can together build on a formidable foundation that will steer your relationship to greater levels.

The same concept applies to online dating sites such as, if you have managed to successfully meet someone new online, you need to both set your timelines by for example determining after how long you'd want to finally meet physically.

It is also good for the 2 of you to know what type of relationship you are engaged in, is it something strong that you expect to go on for long , are you are merely flirting or just looking for casual sexual encounters?